Get the Most Out of Your OBC Tutoring Sessions

Do you need additional academic assistance with a certain class? Would you benefit from extra time focused on a particular concept or preparing for a test? Or are you looking to improve study habits and find increased confidence with your studies? Working with a tutor can help you find success in these areas. At Ohio … Continued

10 Test-taking Strategies for OBC Students

Quizzes, tests, and exams – they may not be your favorite things about school, but they’re certainly unavoidable. At Ohio Business College, we understand that tests can be nerve-racking. To help you boost your test success and feel confident in your test-taking abilities, we’ve outlined ten test-taking strategies you can utilize: Before the test: Attend … Continued

3 Outdoor Study Techniques

Warm weather is here and your thoughts are fixated on spending time outside. The summer months always pose a bit of a challenge to dedicated, determined students like you. You know that you must strike a balance between fun and studying to remain on top of your classes. Have you thought about taking your studies … Continued

Finish Your Program On Time [GUIDE]

No student means to fall behind; it tends to happen gradually, quietly. A few missed classes one semester and a low final exam score are enough to set a student off course. It’s an unfortunate fact that 69.4% of first-time students who enrolled in a 2-year degree program in 2003-04 hadn’t earned a degree even … Continued

Transform How You Study by Connecting With Classmates

We understand that studying is not the most fun thing about college. However, one thing’s for certain: Studying is one of the most important components to your success in college. So how can you make the most of it? How can you maximize your study efforts? Have you tried connecting with your classmates? As the … Continued

4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Education Goals

When it comes to accomplishing a goal, staying motivated to reach the finish line is always the key to success. We understand that can be tough with the multitude of responsibilities and obligations you’ve got going on in your life. Balancing school, work, and your personal life can present days of dwindling energy, focus, and … Continued

Why a Hands-On Education Will Take You Further

How do you learn best? According to Columbia University, “Students learn best when learning is active.” This means: Being mentally involved Engaging in hands-on activities Participating in a process of inquiry, discovery, investigation, and interpretation At Ohio Business College, we believe in hands-on learning, as we’ve designed advanced career training programs that prepare students to … Continued

Why You Can Afford the Degree You Need [GUIDE]

You’re hard-working and passionate. You long to put your skills to good use. But you can’t afford a college degree, which would qualify you for a more meaningful career. We understand how overwhelming tuition, costs, and financial aid can feel. But you deserve access to an education that qualifies you for a career you care … Continued

5 Tips to Achieve Work-School-Life Balance

How packed is your schedule these days? We understand that with responsibilities like family, friends, a home, and a job, life gets pretty busy. Add school to the mix and it becomes essential to master the work-life-school balance. At Ohio Business College, we want you to know that it can be done. We are inspired … Continued

5 Professional Habits You Need to Advance Your Career

Are you looking to make a big impact in your profession? It all starts with professionalism. Your attitude, appearance, performance, and interactions all play a vital role in the success and longevity of your career. Indeed, professionalism is the bedrock of all thriving careers. Whether you’re still in school, just starting your career, or already … Continued