Are Truck Drivers in Demand?

Do you dream of the open road behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler? Becoming a truck driver is a great way to set out on the open road. With so much demand for truck drivers, you will be stepping into a stable career. So, why become a truck driver?   Why Become a Truck Driver?…

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What to Expect from a Truck Driving Academy

What to expect from a truck driving academy

If you love the idea of life on the open road, the freedom that comes with taking charge of your career, and driving a big rig across America’s beautiful highways, it’s time to consider enrolling in a truck driving school. Here’s what you can expect when you attend OBC’s Truck Driving Academy. Complete Training Quickly…

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Road to a New Career

Plenty of Trucking Jobs Available There will be literally millions of truck driving jobs before this decade is over, according to government forecasts. That means a lot of opportunities for a lot of people. You could be one of them. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that by 2028 there will be nearly 2…

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OBCTDA Trainer Spotlight: James Chambers

We would like to share an interview with James (Jimmy) Chambers.  He has been a part of the Ohio Business College Truck Driving Academy for over 2 years.  Educating students and supporting them on the way toward their CDL license; he has become a favorite of many. How long have you been working at OBCTDA…

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OBCTDA Trainer Spotlight: Shon Stevens

Earlier this week we took a moment to shine the spotlight on one of our business instructors. Today we would like to take a moment to learn more about one of the trainers at the Ohio Business College Truck Driving Academy.  Located in Middletown, Ohio the truck driving academy has been training new drivers for the…

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