Medical Assisting

The Education and Training Required to Become a Medical Assistant

Healthcare careers are popular for their personal and practical rewards. Do you want a secure job with advancement opportunities in a thriving industry? Of course, you do. But most roles require a college degree, a disappointment for many adults who can’t afford to be out of the workforce for two, three or even four years.…

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An Overview of a Medical Assistant’s Daily Responsibilities

Are you interested in becoming a medical assistant, but not sure what they do on a daily basis? Medical assistants play a critical role in the healthcare industry. As allied health professionals, they make significant contributions to quality patient care. Trained to perform a broad range of clinical and administrative functions in doctor’s offices, hospitals,…

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How Technology Is Changing the Role of Medical Assistants

Technology is becoming more integrated in the workplace, especially in healthcare. A catch-22, it helps increase productivity and makes workers’ lives easier. However, it also creates worry among students that the training they receive today may not be relevant in the future, will medical assistants be replaced by AI? In healthcare, technology is thankfully a…

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