HVAC Training – Why You Should Get an HVAC Degree

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What’s one trade you can count on to be timeless for years to come? HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration)! HVAC diplomas open up a world of career possibilities and allow for many job opportunities. The potential for a lifelong career with an HVAC degree is endless, and there are so many reasons why…

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Questions to Count on at HVAC Job Interviews

HVAC Job Interview Questions - Ohio Business College HVAC Program

Job interviews can be intimidating, daunting even. Interviews for HVAC job are no exception. However, knowing what to expect in terms of the questions that are going to be asked at such interviews can help you be better prepared to answer them confidently. Tell me about yourself. To the inexperienced jobseeker, this question can seem…

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