Benefits of an Experiential, Hands-On Education

Make Your Education Help You Get Ahead in Your Career Now

Hands-on learning is a hot topic in today’s education realm – and for good reason. From elementary school to college and beyond, it has been shown time and time again through studies, test scores, and student satisfaction surveys that most students – regardless of age – learn best by doing. 

The Princeton Review reports that “experiential learning in college could launch your career.”1  

Lectures, reading, and studying are all vital parts of the learning process, but without hands-on, experiential learning, a student’s full understanding of a procedure or concept may only go so far.  

At Ohio Business College, we believe in hands-on learning, as we’ve designed advanced career training programs that prepare students to hit the ground running once they graduate. 

OBC students learn vital workplace job functions by learning through experience from a hands-on education that provides:  

  1. Support and instruction from experienced, proven instructors 

Without the expertise and background of qualified instructors, our graduates would not boast the same success. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher, and OBC instructors bring years of essential insight to help develop prepared, prolific leaders. 

  1. Access to equipment, materials, and software found on the job 

An effective professional is proficient with the tools and processes they work with. In a hands-on learning environment, students learn from the same equipment found on the job, increasing their confidence and efficiency with real-life tasks. 

  1. Skills and knowledge mastery through real-life practices 

Hands-on learning teaches students how to handle real-life situations and make quick, accurate decisions. This is invaluable training to have prior to entering the workforce and places many graduates ahead of their colleagues. 

As the job market grows more and more competitive, graduates who already possess experience and critical job-specific skills enter the workforce in high-demand and ready to start their new careers confidently. 

Reach your next professional milestone by earning a degree or diploma that’s centered on your real-world success. Find your hands-on career training program at OBC. 


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The Princeton Review. How Experiential Learning in College Could Launch Your Career. Accessed November 15, 2017.