Benefits of an Experiential, Hands-On Education

Learning By Doing

It has been shown over and over again: Most students – regardless of age – learn best by doing. Education experts call it “experiential learning,” and 

The Princeton Review reports that “experiential learning in college could launch your career.”1  

Lectures, reading, and studying are all necessary, but we’ve known for years that students do best when they actually participate in the things they’re learning about.

That’s why Ohio Business College designed its advanced career training programs with an emphasis on real-life, hands-on experience so that graduates are ready to hit the ground running.

At Ohio Business College, students get: 

  1. Support and instruction from experienced, proven instructors 

As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher, and OBC instructors share years of first-hand experience. That helps students grow into trained professionals, ready to make a contribution as soon as they enter the workplace. 

  1. Access to equipment, materials, and software found on the job 

Feeling familiar and comfortable with the tools of your new trade helps build confidence. An effective professional is proficient with their tools. At Ohio Business College, students become skilled at using the same equipment they’ll find on the job. Knowing what everything is going to look like, and what things are for, can make that first day on the job a lot less stressful. 

  1. Skills and knowledge mastery through real-life practices 

Hands-on learning also gives students valuable practice handling real-life situations and making timely, appropriate decisions. This valuable training gives Ohio Business College graduates a distinct advantage over someone who learned the old book-and-lecture way. 

The education website says hands-on learners are more likely to retain what they’re taught; they are more likely to stay engaged in the class; they will be better prepared for on-the-job decision making; and they’ll be less likely to misuse a tool.

In a competitive job market, graduates who already possess experience and critical job-specific skills enter the workforce better positioned for success.  

Reach your next professional milestone by earning a degree or diploma that’s centered on your real-world success. Find your hands-on career training program at OBC. 


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The Princeton Review. How Experiential Learning in College Could Launch Your Career. Accessed November 15, 2017.