Announcing the Launch of OBC’s Blog

Excitement and new beginnings have swept into Ohio Business College with the arrival of 2016, and we’re excited for you to join us on our newly launched blog and social media platforms.

As OBC continues to grow as one of the top adult education and career training schools in Ohio, we’re here to provide insight, guidance, and inspiration to our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and prospective students. Discover topics on:

  • OBC academic programs, campuses, and student services
  • Studying and test-taking tips
  • Degree competition inspiration
  • Financial aid assistance
  • Career education news
  • Career opportunities and guidance
  • Military services
  • And much more

Get involved and stay engaged with all things OBC by commenting on posts, sharing your thoughts on social media, and inviting your friends and professional connections to learn something new.

At OBC, we believe education changes lives by advancing career paths, evolving companies and industries, and progressing the world. It is our mission to instill essential skills and knowledge into our students, guide them toward academic and professional success, and graduate ambitious, resourceful leaders.

As you set your goals for this new year, check back to find the motivation and resources that will help you make this year your year and achieve the career you’ve always wanted.