Transcript Request

An Ohio Business College transcript is the official record of a student’s enrollment at OBC, including all completed courses and diploma and associate degrees obtained. At the request of the student, an official Ohio Business College transcript can be sent to a U.S. college or university for admission purposes.

How to Request Your Official OBC Transcript

Official Ohio Business College transcripts can only be requested by mail or fax. To order your official OBC transcript, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and print the Transcript Request Form.
  2. Fill out the Transcript Request Form in its entirety. *Please note: You must provide a student signature for the transcript to be released or there may be a processing delay.
  3. At the top of the form, check the campus you are requesting the official transcript from.
    *Please note:
    If you are requesting a transcript from the Hilliard Campus, please mail your Transcript Request Form to the Sheffield Village Campus address.
  4. Select your chosen payment method at the bottom of the form and mail your Transcript Request Form with the payment. The Transcript Request Fee is $5 per copy. You may also fax the Transcript Request Form to the appropriate campus. *Please note: If you choose to pay via credit card, you must call the campus you selected and make the payment over the phone.




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