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Class A CDL Training Program

Ohio Business College’s Truck Driving Academy offers instruction to students seeking to obtain a Class A Commercial Driver’s License. Our Class A CDL training program enters students into the commercial driver field as qualified second-seat (trainee) tractor-trailer drivers. Students who meet the 160-hour Class A CDL course requirements – including five days of classroom instruction, driving range practice, and on-road instruction – will become licensed commercial tractor-trailer drivers.

Classes start every other Monday, with weekend classes available.

Our Class A CDL training program is designed to prepare students for entry into the commercial driver field as qualified entry level second-seat (trainee) tractor-trailer drivers. Working in the classroom, on a protected driving range, and on the road with an instructor, students will build the skills necessary to successfully operate a commercial tractor-trailer through our CDL classes in Ohio.

Program Objectives

  • Students learn, practice, and demonstrate the theoretical skills required to safely operate commercial vehicles, including how to inspect commercial vehicles prior to use and while driving.
  • Students learn, practice, and demonstrate the skills associated with planning trips using a Professional Driver’s Atlas and maintaining official papers related to their profession.
  • Students learn, practice, and demonstrate defensive driving skills using a nationally recognized defensive driving course designed for the professional driver.
  • Students demonstrate basic maneuvering skills including starting, turning, shifting, braking, and straight-line backing.
  • Students demonstrate how to dock a tractor-trailer for loading and unloading in our CDL classes.
  • Students demonstrate the skills necessary to operate a tractor-trailer safely on the public roads and highways.
  • Students demonstrate the safe operating competency required to pass the CDL Road Skills Test in his/her state.

Visit the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to learn more about Class A CDL training information, such as permit procedures, fees, special requirements, vision screening, and one of the most experienced Truck Driving School in Ohio.

What can OBC do for you?

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Career Pathways

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I chose Ohio Business College because... "it was close to home and has a great staff. I work for Osborne Trucking making good money!"
- Mark Barnhardt, OBC Truck Driving Academy Graduate

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