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Orthopaedic Technology

Want to assist Orthopaedic Physicians in the treatment of patients in a variety of health care environments? Train for a career in Orthopaedic Technology at Ohio Business College’s Sheffield Village Campus, one of only 10 schools in the country that are NAOT-recognized.

What does an Orthopaedic Technologist do? There are a variety of duties that someone in this field may be required to complete, including applying, adjusting and/or removing casts, splints and braces, setting up, adjusting and maintaining traction configurations, assisting with the care of acutely injured patients, as well as assisting the physician in the reduction and/or manipulation of orthopaedic injuries.

Topics to be studied in this program will include the types, application, functions, and materials of various casts and splints. Attention will be given to the removal of casts and splints, in addition to the skills associated with instructing patients on proper care procedures.

The student will also learn the foundation concepts and competencies in assessment and evaluation of the patient, as well as the skills needed for wound care and basic emergency situations. Psychological and physical needs and factors affecting treatment outcome will also be presented and examined in a surgical setting, in addition to an office setting.

Orthopaedic technology students at OBC will also be provided with an understanding of the principles and procedures relating to sterile techniques, and the proper care, handling, and assembly of instruments. In order to apply these lessons in a realistic setting, students may be assigned to orthopaedic surgical sites for observation during the quarter.

Because of Meaningful Use parameters, a prospective student in the Orthopaedic Technology program must already be a Registered Medical Assistant or Certified Medical Assistant, Registered Nurse, Physician’s Assistant or Licensed Practical Nurse to be considered for admission to the program.


5095 Waterford Drive
Sheffield Village, OH 44035

What can OBC do for you?

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Career Pathways

At the end of the classroom portion of the program, students participate in a capstone experience which provides the opportunity to practice the skills learned in the classroom on real orthopaedic patients, under the direct supervision of an orthopaedic provider. This externship provides students with a clinical rotation of the orthopaedic floor of a hospital, orthopaedic surgery, and orthopaedic physician’s office or clinic.

Additional Information

This career training program is designed to provide Orthopaedic Technology graduates with professional skills in a rapidly expanding healthcare field. These allied health professionals seek employment in hospitals, clinics and private practice offices.

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