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Business and business administration are two of the most popular fields of study in higher education and for good reason.

Business is an aspect of everyone’s job, so it is important to have skills in order to hold one’s own in today’s economy.

A business administration education teaches you practical skills that you can put to good use in nearly any job, whether it is in a traditional business setting or elsewhere. With a Business Administration Specialist diploma from Ohio Business College, you can start your professional business career off the right way.

12-month diploma

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In Ohio Business College’s Business Administration Specialist diploma program, you will gain the essential skills you need to succeed in a variety of different roles in businesses of all sizes and industries. Our instructors have real world experience and knowledge that they can pass onto you in small class sizes, which allow easier access to their expertise. During the diploma program, you will be exposed to coursework in the following areas:

  • Computerized Accounting (QuickBooks). You will go through a series of modules including the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, job cost, payroll, and fixed assets. Upon completion of the program, you will be prepared for certification in QuickBooks which signifies to employers that you have the knowledge and skills to help manage the books effectively.
  • Office Computer Skills. This involves not only making sure that you are able to work with solutions like productivity suites that are common in office environments, but also focuses on increasing your familiarity with a lot of the telecommuting and teleconferencing tools that have become invaluable in the modern office environment. Upon completion of the program, you will be prepared for certification in Microsoft Office: Excel, Word and Powerpoint.
  • Externship. You will be given the opportunity to gain experience by working with a local business. During this time, you will evaluate your personal skills, abilities, and transferable skills to determine how you will best fit into your chosen career.
  • Small Business Management. You will learn how to develop a small business plan, which includes planning financials, developing marketing, and designing organizational structure.
  • Business Communication. Develop communication skills essential for the business world, including informal business communication and delivery of presentations.

Ohio Business College’s Business Administration Specialist program curriculum combines textbook learning with valuable, experiential hands-on learning that helps ensure our students become competent in business skills. Our Business Administration Specialist diploma program is offered at our Lorain County and Sandusky campuses. To accommodate our students’ busy lives, we offer day and night scheduling options. Our campuses are friendly and professional learning environments meant to improve your chances for professional success.

The program offers you a comprehensive business education in a shorter period than an associate’s program, allowing you to enter the workforce sooner. We are dedicated to helping you become a well-rounded business profession that any company would be fortunate to employ. We offer career search and training to students in all programs.

What Can You Do with a Business Administration Specialist Diploma?

After obtaining your Business Administration Specialist diploma from Ohio Business College, you will have the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in a wide range of different entry-level positions in nearly every industry. This includes but is not limited to ones like:

  • Business Administration Specialist. As the job title suggests, business administration specialists perform a host of administrative and personal assistant duties. This can include conducting research, preparing reports, compiling statistics into spreadsheets, preparing communication between a business and its clients, handling requests for additional information from team leaders and more. Planning and overseeing conferences and meetings also commonly falls under this role.
  • Administrative Assistant. Administrative assistants are often tasked with helping to guarantee that an office is operating in the most efficient way possible. In addition to answering phone calls, they also help schedule meetings and are generally on the front-lines in terms of supporting visitors as they arrive. They, too, are responsible for carrying out a range of administrative duties like filing, copying, binding, scanning and more.
  • Business Support Specialist. The main duties of a business support specialist will vary depending on which industry you are in. In manufacturing, for example, they play an invaluable role in helping to improve and optimize production processes. Generally speaking, they have a hand in everything from keeping employee records to helping with training and ongoing employee development to even making sure that complaints and disciplinary procedures are handled in a timely manner. They are also critical in terms of supporting changes in business processes as well.
  • Customer Service Representative. Customer service representatives help preserve a company's most valuable asset of all: its customers. They do more than just answer product and service questions. They provide assistance to customers to make sure they get the most value out of purchases they've already made and help educate them about additional products and services that they may need based on their situation. Regardless, they are an invaluable part of building and maintaining an exceptional customer experience - which itself has become the major competitive advantage for many businesses over the last few years.

As stated, this list is far from complete - but it does give you a good indication of how to apply the skills that you will learn from this program in the real world. Truly, the possibilities that your career may follow after graduation are only limited by what you make of them.

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Career Outlook in Ohio

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 3.6 million Administrative Assistant jobs available nationwide in 2019 alone. Regardless, nearly every organization can benefit from having a Business Administration Specialist on-staff - with major Ohio employers like The University of Cincinnati, Mariner Finance, Medical Mutual of Ohio and even the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System being a few of the more notable examples currently available as per

OBC Difference

If you need help paying for your education, financial aid is available to those who are eligible by filling out the FAFSA. Our financial aid staff provides FAFSA assistance if you need help filling it out. They will also answer any other financial aid questions you may have.

OBC’s Business Administration Specialist diploma program will equip you with skills that will last a lifetime and be useful in your career even if you end up switching occupations at a later time. To discover everything Ohio Business College and its Business Administration program have to offer you, contact the Sandusky campus, or fill out the online form and one of our friendly admissions representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

We look forward to seeing you at OBC.