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About the Medical Assistant Program

Medical assisting jobs are projected to climb by 16 percent through 2031 according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Medical assistants are key components in the functioning of medical offices and facilities across Ohio and the country. Working under doctors and nurses, medical assistants perform a wide variety of tasks that make healthcare possible. Medical assistants are often tasked with doing things like taking vitals, maintaining patient records, scheduling appointments and helping physicians perform patient examinations. Medical assistants are the ultimate utility staff in the healthcare industry.

12-month diploma

Day & Evening Hybrid Class Options

Job placement assistance

Lorain County & Sandusky

Medical assistants find work in a number of different medical settings and their responsibilities tend to vary based on the type of medicine the doctor they work for practices. Overall, medical assistants have good customer service skills, are team players and are always ready to step up when called upon in the medical office or facility. Some medical assistants use the position as a starting point prior to continuing their education and training in the medical field later down the line. Medical assistant has the potential to expose you to a variety of different medical fields, which can help you figure out what you are most passionate about in the field.

Medical Assisting Program Overview

Ohio Business College’s Medical Assisting diploma program will prepare you for a career as a medical assistant capable of working in any medical office or facility. Our school's caring instructors have real world experience will teach you the necessary skills to succeed in the medical assisting profession over the course of our comprehensive training program. We have smaller class sizes than other schools, which gives you more access to personalized attention from our knowledgeable school instructors.

In our Medical Assisting program, you will gain exposure to the following subject matter:

  • Human anatomy
  • Pharmacology
  • Record Keeping
  • Clinical and Administrative Procedures
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Phlebotomy
  • And more!


Our school's experienced and knowledgeable instructors teach a curriculum based not only on textbook learning, but hands-on as well. They will show you how to be the best medical assistant you can be. By the time you are through with the Medical Assistant diploma program, you will be able to competently work the front and back ends of a medical facility. Upon completion of the Medical Assistant diploma program, Ohio Business College graduates are eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) and Registered Medical Assistant exams, which can boost your chances of finding a job after you graduate college. Career search and training is also available.

Our Medical Assisting training program is offered at both our Lorain County and Sandusky campuses. To further maximize convenience and flexibility for our Medical Assisting students, we offer both day and night class options with online and in-person components. At Ohio Business College, we do our best to make our Medical Assisting diploma programs as accessible to current and prospective students in the midst of their busy lives. Our campuses are friendly and professional learning environments designed to improve your chances for professional success.

Medical Assisting Job Outlook

Why should you be interested in a career in medical assisting? Like many other healthcare jobs, there is a high demand. According to data from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), the number of medical assisting jobs is projected to climb by 18 percent through 2030. One of the reasons for this is that the Baby Boomer generation is reaching retirement age and will continue to need more medical care. In addition, more people have access to health insurance, causing a spike in visits to medical offices the nation over.

Financial aid is available to those who qualify and our school's staff provides FAFSA assistance if you need it.

If you enjoy knowing that you make a difference in the lives of patients, medical assisting might be the right career choice for you. To learn more about Ohio Business College’s Medical Assisting training program, call your preferred campus or fill out the online form and one of our friendly admissions representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

We look forward to seeing you at Ohio Business College.

Career Opportunities

Medical Assistant Jobs

As a medical assistant, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to the settings in which you could potentially be working. A medical assistant’s duties tend to vary depending on the needs of the doctors and the kind of medicine they practice. Take a look at some of the possible jobs you could have in various settings as a graduate of our Medical Assistant training program:



Medical assistants working at cardiologist’s offices perform tasks such as administering EKGs, transcribing notes from the cardiologist, answering phones and providing emotional support for patients. It helps to have an understanding of heart conditions. The work cardiologists do also tends to be more urgent, given the importance of the heart.



In chiropractic settings, medical assistants often transcribe notes for the chiropractor, handle billing and coding and even perform minor medical procedures. Additional knowledge of the back, neck and spine is advantageous in such settings.


EKG Technician:

Medical assistants who graduate from our programs are qualified to work as EKG technicians. In such a role, you would be running the EKG and interpreting the results, taking blood pressure and explaining the procedure. Knowledge and interest in heart conditions also helps.


Family Medicine:

In a family medicine setting, medical assistants tend to take blood samples, vitals, administer EKGs and perform administrative tasks such as answering telephones. Family medicine is an idea setting if you have interest in working with patients of all ages.



Medical assistants work in assisted living communities, gerontologists’ offices and hospitals. They typically take vitals, perform minor procedures and handle a handful of administrative tasks like scheduling. It helps to have an interest in working with the elderly.



Obstetricians and gynecologists are in demand and so are the medical assistants who work with them. Checking vitals and handling administrative duties are typical tasks. Interest in and knowledge of women’s reproductive health is advantageous.



Working for an oncologist, you can help save patients’ lives by providing emotional support, taking vitals and performing office tasks. Oncologists are another group of doctors in high demand.



If you are interested in bones and joints, working with an orthopedic surgeon is the job setting for you. You will likely maintain records, check vitals and transcribe the orthopedic surgeon's notes.



In a pediatric setting, medical assistants take notes from the pediatrician, perform minor procedures and handle front-end office tasks. An interest in working with kids is helpful.



As a medical assistant in a podiatric setting, you will likely transcribe podiatrists’ notes, assist with clerical tasks such as scheduling and even perform minor surgeries or procedures. An understanding of and interest in feet is advantageous.

Regardless of your specialty of interest, Ohio Business College’s Medical Assistant diploma program will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfill an entry-level role in a medical setting. For more information on the Medical Assisting program or to schedule a campus visit, please contact one of our helpful admissions representatives at the campus of your choice.

We look forward to seeing you in the Medical Assisting training program at Ohio Business College!