Ohio Business College: Story of the Bears

Do you know the story of OB and CC the bears? Hear the origin story of our beloved OBC bears! To learn more about Ohio Business College visit us here.

Diane Hagen: One Christmas about two years ago, I brought my bear from home into the school as a decoration at Christmas time. Unfortunately, my bear was never able to come home. Jim Zinsmeister the School Director drew up adoption paperwork and said that I had signed over all rights to the bear, so he became our mascot. He was renamed OBC Bear. Our students now love the bears.

We have a red carpet that they can take pictures for Instagram. It got so bad that we had to bring the bear to where they take the pictures, because they want the bear in the picture.

Kids that come into the school hug the bear. I had a child once cry because he wanted to take the bear home with him. It’s become the joke of the school and it’s become our mascot.That is the story of the bear.