OBC Student Spotlight: DJ Owsley

DJ Owsley, a current student of OBC’s associate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting, is preparing to set his career in motion. Discover a program that can jumpstart your career by reading about DJ Owsley’s experience at OBC.

1.Why did you decide to continue your education at Ohio Business College?

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was researching colleges nearby that offered affordable, career-focused business programs and that’s when I discovered Ohio Business College.

During my junior year, I met with Tarina Sidoti, the Director of High School Relations for OBC, at my high school and we discussed programs and scholarship opportunities. We also scheduled my first visit to OBC, which was amazing because the admissions team was incredibly helpful in mapping out my future career goals.

During my senior year, I enrolled at Ohio Business College and I won the OhioLEADS! Scholarship to study business and accounting. Continuing my education at Ohio Business College was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

2. Why did you enroll in the Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting program?

I have always been fascinated by numbers, spreadsheets, and the way business works, so I knew that I belonged in the accounting and business field. I wanted a program that was challenging and going to provide me with the skills needed to get a job after graduation. I chose the Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting program because I believed it was going to make me more marketable and provide me with training needed to be successful in my future career.

3. What have been your favorite things about the Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting program?

I’ve really enjoyed the diversity of subjects covered and the instructors. All areas of business are covered in detail, and all the instructors are insightful and experienced in the fields they teach.

The classes are hands-on and taught in a business setting, giving each student practical training. The accounting concentration goes beyond the business administration aspect of this program by offering in-depth, advanced courses in payroll, tax, and general accounting.

My favorite part of attending OBC so far has been the instructors who have pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to continue my education following graduation. In fact, several of my instructors have asked me if they could use my papers or projects as examples for their classes. This has inspired me to work harder on my academics so I can remain a highly regarded student at OBC.

4. What was the most difficult or challenging thing about this program?

One of the most challenging aspects of my program was the accounting courses. A lot of people believe that accounting classes are just like math classes, but they involve more analytical thinking and logical reasoning.

As a highly detail-oriented person, accounting fits my personality, but it can be difficult at times since it is a technical process and takes time to settle in after learning about it.

5. How did Ohio Business College help you succeed in your studies and accomplish your goals?

Ohio Business College has provided me with personalized support from faculty, staff, and current students. Everyone is so helpful and I appreciate how the instructors and staff go out of their way to help you with anything – whether for a class or for something personal.

At OBC, you are not just a number; you are part of a family that cares about you. Ohio Business College not only has provided me with the education I needed, but has established a solid foundation in my professional, academic, and personal life.

6. Do you have a favorite memory about attending OBC? If so, what is it? 

As a current student, memories are made nearly every week. I have so much fun going to class/work at OBC every day. All my instructors have a great sense of humor and my fellow classmates are fun to be around, which makes attending class each week engaging and exciting.

I also admire the diverse atmosphere at OBC because everyone has their own story and bring their unique personalities to school each week. I have another year left at OBC, so I’m certainly going to make the most of it and make lasting memories along the way.

7. What do you think sets OBC apart from the other career education schools?

The quality of the instructors is the main advantage that OBC has.

I think OBC stands out from other career colleges because of its family-friendly atmosphere. I had the opportunity to attend a large, four-year university, but I declined the offer because I admired the intimate atmosphere at OBC where everybody knows your name.

The instructors truly go above and beyond to help you out and the personalized instruction you receive is much more valuable than just sitting in a lecture hall for hours. OBC is flexible, affordable, and delivers results much faster than any other career or community college.

8. What are you up to now?

I will be starting my second year at OBC soon and I also work at OBC Sandusky Branch Campus through the Federal Work-Study Program. Lately, I’ve been looking into other colleges to continue onto a Bachelor’s degree after graduating OBC.

I discovered that OBC has an articulation agreement with Franklin University, meaning that almost all my credits will be transferred – saving me tens of thousands of dollars and allowing me to complete my Bachelor’s degree in less than two years.

I’m even more motivated to excel in my studies at OBC knowing that the education I’m receiving is providing endless opportunities, both in the classroom and in my future career.

9. What advice or tips do you have for prospective and current OBC students?

My advice to current students is to keep going and don’t give up. I started college right out of high school, but some people may have started after having a family or some other reason, and it can be difficult trying to balance work, family, school, and personal life.

Just know that you’ve made the decision to change your life for the better, so give it your all and you will overcome anything that life throws at you.

For prospective students, OBC is an excellent choice when considering colleges to attend. OBC will train you to be a professional in several in-demand fields, plus offer lots of perks like free tutoring, personalized instruction, and career assistance.

OBC strives to help you succeed. Even when you feel like you’re failing, OBC will guide and encourage you to be the person that nobody ever thought you could be. It all starts with you, and once you have set the goal to further your education, OBC will make it a reality. Ohio Business College truly is a small school that delivers big results.


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