OBC Alumni Spotlight: Nikita Cook

A thriving career in the healthcare industry is closer than you think.

Nikita Cook, a graduate of OBC’s medical administrative assisting associate degree program, shares her powerful and inspiring story of working toward her dream career and professional goals at Ohio Business College. Read about Nikita’s time and experiences at OBC:

  1. Why did you decide to continue your education at Ohio Business College?

I decided to continue my education at Ohio Business College because I was ready to make a change in my life and do something that meant something to me. I was tired of working at jobs where my intelligence was not challenged.

  1. Why did you enroll in the Medical Administrative Assistant (MAA) Program?

I enrolled in the Medical Administrative Assistant Program because I became very intrigued with the office aspect of the medical field.

  1. What have been your favorite things about the MAA program?

The MAA program has brought many great things to my life. I found real support from my peers and professors, but most of all, I love that I was – and still am – being challenged intellectually.

  1. What is/was the most difficult or challenging thing about this program?

I had to learn that I had to sacrifice things that I wanted to do so I could succeed in school. Honestly, there were quite a few things that were challenging to me. Waking up in the mornings was very difficult for me. I went from having one full-time job and school to having two full-time jobs, one part-time job, and a full-time [class load] at school. Sometimes, I didn’t know what sleep meant because I didn’t get it. I created that lifestyle because I needed to work overtime to better myself.

  1. How did Ohio Business College help you succeed in your studies and accomplish your goals?

Ohio Business College has helped me succeed by providing great people in my life that supported and believed in me before even knowing me. The people, mainly, are the reason why I continued to be a student at OBC. I was never judged and was always pushed and reminded that I can achieve my goals.

  1. Tell us about your clinical externship.

In my externship, I was trained by a previous OBC graduate. I was able to gain experience in billing and coding, as well as patient charts, checking patients in and out, verifying insurance, and scheduling appointments. I was able to train directly under the Office Manager for Billing [at my externship].

  1. When will you graduate?

I will officially be considered a graduate from Ohio Business College on September 8, 2016, but my graduation date is February 4, 2017.

  1. Do you have a favorite memory about attending OBC? If so, what is it?

My favorite memories were the award ceremonies. I loved seeing everyone “winning,” and I loved seeing everyone receiving recognition for [their accomplishments in the] previous quarter. I often became overjoyed to see my peers succeed even if I didn’t receive an award that quarter.

  1. What do you think sets OBC apart from the other career education schools?

The dedication that the school staff gives to its students [is my favorite memory]. Every day, the staff members show how much they want students to succeed. There have been plenty of times that I have been ready to call it quits, but they never allowed me to give up on myself and what I was trying to accomplish. They constantly lifted my spirits when I felt like a complete idiot. They kept me going, and for that, I will forever be grateful for them!

  1. What goals do you have for your future?

I plan to continue my education at Tiffin University for my Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management. Beyond that, I just really want to get in my field of study and take on as much as I can – like starting my [own] business.

  1. What advice or tips do you have for prospective and current OBC Medical Administrative Assistant students?

Advice for current and future students is to show your dedication and loyalty to this commitment [your education]. [OBC] is a school of students and staff members that are constantly there for you and want to see you be great. Everything is very possible. Everyone has a story, but it is not about living in your past, it’s about building your future. This is just one step to great beginnings.

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