OBC Alumni Spotlight: Lindsey Becker

Would you like to jumpstart your career in the legal field? Do you want to become a paralegal in Ohio, or maybe go to law school someday? Ohio Business College’s associate degree in legal assisting will help you achieve your career goals.

Lindsey Becker, a graduate of OBC’s legal assisting program, is well on her way to a successful career in the legal field. Read about Lindsey’s time at OBC, and where she plans to take her legal career:

  1. Why did you decide to continue your education at Ohio Business College?

My sister had just finished the medical assisting program at OBC. She had a good experience and found a job quickly after graduating, so I decided to give it a shot.

  1. Why did you enroll in the Legal Assistant Program?

I chose the legal program because I wanted to get away from the business/customer service type jobs I’ve had in the past. I’ve also had an interest in law and I wanted to get into a program that would be challenging.

  1. What have been your favorite things about the Legal Assistant program?

My favorite part of the program would have to be the externship opportunity. I was lucky enough to be able to extern with a law office, and it provided a good learning experience [and helped me see the legal field firsthand].

  1. What is/was the most difficult or challenging thing about the program?

I’d have to say the most challenging part of the program was also the externship. I had to show the lawyers that I worked with that I was able to provide great support to them because of the education I received. I also had to be a good representation for OBC.

  1. How did Ohio Business College help you succeed in your studies and accomplish your goals?

Most of the instructors at OBC were very helpful and willing to assist in whatever way they could.

  1. Tell us about your externship.

My externship was with a law firm out of Lorain and it was the first time they had worked with OBC to get an extern. Adding to the pressure of being the first extern to represent OBC, one of the lawyers was also the Law Director of Lorain, making it that much more important that I showed the level of education I received. I was able to learn a lot of valuable information that I wouldn’t be able to learn in the classroom, and I was grateful to be able to have had that experience.

  1. How has OBC helped you in your job search?

OBC’s career services department has been very helpful in the job search. Once I finished class, I was able to attend a career services focus group led by Cheryl Jankowski – which allowed me to work with her one-on-one. She really went the extra mile to assist with sending my resume out to potential employers. Her relationship with some of the potential employers was a valuable benefit that I wouldn’t have while doing a job search on my own.

  1. Do you have a favorite memory about attending OBC? If so, what is it?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite memory, but I’m glad I was able to meet the people I did through OBC. I enjoyed getting to know some of the other students in the legal program, and feel that they will still be friends outside of OBC.

  1. What do you think sets OBC apart from the other career education schools?

I think that the friendliness and willingness to assist from every member of the faculty is what sets OBC apart from other schools. The process from the beginning was made very easy because of the assistance that I received from everyone I worked with at the school.

  1. What goals do you have for your future?

I would like to continue on with my education, which includes getting my Bachelor’s degree, and potentially going to law school in the future.

  1. What advice or tips do you have for prospective and current OBC Legal Assistant Program students?

My advice to prospective and current legal assisting students would be to do your best to succeed. Don’t give up even when things get tough, because when you show people that you’re giving your all, they’re that much more likely to assist you and make sure you succeed.

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