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Ohio Business College Military Services

You deserve a military-friendly education at a school that cares about you. For the sacrifices you’ve made for our freedom, Ohio Business College is here to help you. Whether you just enrolled, recently returned from active duty, or are a long-time veteran, OBC’s military-friendly college helps you earn college credit for your military service. Our faculty and staff members are ready to guide and assist you.

Explore our resources below to discover military and veteran educational services:

Chapters 30, 1606 and 1607 Beneficiaries

It can take up to 12 weeks to begin payment on these benefits, so apply as soon as you’ve registered for classes.
You must verify your monthly enrollment on or after the last day of the month. Any changes in your status must be reported to your campus financial aid representative.

College Credit for Military

Mission Statement

At Ohio Business College, we measure success by the accomplishments of our students. Our faculty and staff foster a learning environment that builds confidence, pride, and respect. We enrich students’ lives by providing progressive career training, along with the critical thinking skills necessary to be successful in various high demand professions within our communities.

Value Statements

Student Success: Ohio Business College provides career focused education in high demand fields. The College offers multiple support services to students throughout their tenure and beyond. Emphasis is placed on professionalism which promotes student success and employability.

Excellence: Ohio Business College delivers quality education through knowledgeable and caring faculty in an ethical and respectful environment. We celebrate achievements while encouraging each employee and student to rise to their full potential.

Inclusion: Ohio Business College offers a welcoming and accepting environment which promotes the free exchange of ideas. We recognize the valuable contribution of a diverse employee and student population.

Innovation: Ohio Business College encourages open communication and maintains flexibility in its response to students, service members, faculty and business leaders. We provide technology and instruction which is reflective of the ever-changing business and health care environment.

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What can OBC do for you?

We respect your privacy.