How to Become a Medical Assistant [INFOGRAPHIC]

You may be waiting until you make enough money to go back to school. Or you’ve been feeling unmotivated at your current job.

We know that hint of anxiety you feel as you wonder about your future. You’re ready for a change, but you’re not sure where to turn.

Ohio Business College has helped thousands of people like you identify and break into their dream career. A career change has to start with something big. We’re firm believers that “something big” is a simple vision – a light that illuminates the direct path to your new career.

Because so many of our students find that medical assisting is the fulfilling career they’ve been searching for, we want to make the path to becoming an MA (medical assistant) as accessible as possible. Explore this interactive infographic to find out not only why so many adults find success in medical assisting but also how they get there. The infographic includes:

  • Facts about the growing industry of medical assisting
  • The average salary of an MA
  • Your simple, direct path to becoming an MA, including training
  • What your meaningful future as an MA will look like

Are you ready to finally uncover the future you’ve felt so uncertain about? Request information about our MA programs today.