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Marketing and Sales Concentration FAQ

What are typical classes you’ll take for the Marketing and Sales Concentration?

The classes in our Marketing and Sales Concentration are designed to help you build your knowledge and skills in product development, branding, marketing research and marketing communication. Courses include general education courses, such as IT Literacy and Research, Interpersonal Communication, Introduction to Business and Professional Development, as well as specialized courses such as Project Management, Integrated Marketing Communications and Principles of Economics.

How do you know if the Marketing and Sales Concentration is right for you?

Before you begin our the program, you will need to figure out if our program meets your needs. Does the field of marketing and sales interest you? Certain qualities are recommended for individuals interested in the marketing and sales program. Individuals interested in a career in marketing and sales should be creative, highly motivated, flexible, and able to work under stressful and deadline-driven situations.

What are typical careers with a marketing degree?

When you earn a business degree with a concentration in marketing and sales, you can open doors to a wide range of careers both in the business field and advertising field. Careers with a marketing focus can include positions in advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, sales, product planning and direct marketing. Almost all businesses need in-house marketing and sales specialists to maintain and grow their business.

What skills and abilities can you gain when you earn a Concentration in Marketing and Sales?

By earning a business Administration degree with a Concentration in Marketing and Sales, you’ll develop your knowledge and skills of product development, pricing and promotions—all important aspects of integrated marketing philosophy. The program also provid

es you with a solid foundation in business, economics, business law and professional development. The externship program required at the end of the program provides hands-on training in the field to prepare you for a career in marketing and sales.

What can OBC do for you?

We respect your privacy.