Faculty Spotlight: John Murray – IT Program

"We're committed to our student's success", states the Department Head for our IT program, John Murray. Hear on his experience and advice to students. To learn more visit us https://ohiobusinesscollege.edu/.

John Murray: A position opened up here at Ohio Business College. I've been here ever since and loving every minute of it.


John: I am John Murray. I am the Department Head for the IT program. I've been here since 2009. What brought me to Ohio Business College is I was living in Las Vegas and the construction industry came to a halt. I did not think that I would enjoy teaching as much as I do. Once they gave me the opportunity here at Ohio Business College to teach, I started here as a part-time adjunct instructor. I enjoyed it, so every time that they gave me the opportunity to increase my responsibilities, I took advantage of that. I have an associate's degree in electronics that I got through the military. I went to ITT Tech and got my degree in information security systems.

In this field, I have a lot of independent contracting work that I have done outside of a full-time position. I do a lot of volunteer work for a lot of the charities around the local area. Here with the program, a lot of our classes are geared towards a certification. We kind of teach towards that. We don't focus on that, but we teach towards that. I would have to say my teaching philosophy is a lot of hands-on. With the IT program, it's better for them. We take a little bit of time to discuss it, and then we get right into the hands-on and try to keep it to a real-world type situation. A lot of the skills that we work at here is computer repair, networking, and then we take our networking right into security information systems.

I would have to say the most rewarding is when my students leave here and get out there in the real world, and then they contact me later on down the road and say, "Hey, something that you said finally clicked." My biggest encouragement for our students after they graduate here is continue their education. Whether or not they go on to a four-year school or go to any specialized training, I encourage that. I encourage getting certifications. Even then if they don't have that opportunity, to take advantage of the free training that's online.

I would encourage students to attend Ohio Business College primarily because we are centered around the students. We know that a lot of students cannot go to a traditional institution. We're set up for just about any situation as far as having a full-time job, full-time family commitments. We're committed to the students' success.