How to Find Financial Aid for Career Training College

Have you decided to move on from your job and make a positive change in your career this year? It’s an exciting time to advance your career and we applaud the commitment you’ve made to bettering your personal and professional life. One of the biggest deterrents of pursuing higher education is the uncertainly or perceived … Continued

Why Do Students Turn to Career Training Programs?

  Today, the career college is one of the most preferred routes to job training. While some students choose to attend a four-year college or university, many enroll in accelerated, career-specific programs to pursue professional success and advance career training. In fact, in 2009, students who earned an occupational credential were employed at a higher … Continued

Trade School vs. Community College

You’ve decided to take your next steps in life and advance your education. What an exciting time for you! Whether you’re fresh out of high school, eager to start your dream career, or looking to switch career paths, you have an abundance of colleges and universities at your fingertips, and it’s important to understand the … Continued

How to Transfer Credits From Another Career School

In September 2016, ITT Technical Institute closed all of its campuses, leaving nearly 35,000 students nationwide without a degree or a school to attend. When you realize that your school isn’t right for your future, you have a choice: transfer to a better institution or give up on your education. Both options can seem daunting, … Continued

3 Big Advantages to Earning an Associate Degree

Are you ready to invest in your future and advance your career? We understand that pursuing advanced education is no easy decision. One of the biggest uncertainties that prospective students contend with is deciding between a two-year associate degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree. There is a strong opinion in the higher education realm that … Continued

Why a Hands-On Education Matters

  How many times have you felt more competent after you completed a task by yourself? How many times have you learned a skill faster when you learned by doing? When you learn through movement and with your hands, you greatly impact your understanding of a concept or skill, according to Surprise Ride. The importance … Continued

Will Career College Save Me Money? [GUIDE]

A degree or professional diploma has the power to transform your life – from your career success to your children’s future. So choosing to invest in your education is a serious decision. You have plenty of options available to you: A degree from a career college A four-year degree from a traditional university A four-year … Continued

Why Accreditation Matters

To invest in your education is to invest in your future. But did you know that not all programs and institutions provide students with a reputable degree, diploma, or certificate? That’s right. If a school or program lacks a credible accreditation, your education may not hold much weight. Discover what accreditation is and why it’s … Continued