Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Bickley – Medical Office Specialist

Medical office specialists are unheralded professionals who help keep medical offices and facilities up and running. Interested in a career in the healthcare field? Hear from our graduate Jennifer Bickley on her experience at Ohio Business College.


Jennifer Bickley: My name is Jennifer Bickley and I graduated from Ohio Business College with the Medical Administrative Assisting program.

I chose Ohio Business College because I did a lot of the reviews on the school and I liked what I read. It was a smaller school so that definitely helped with my decision. I figured you get a better one-on-one with the instructors and I did. Margie Cataldo, she was one of my instructors for the billing and coding. She went above and beyond to help me because that’s what I’m hoping to get into one day, is the coding. She’s been an instructor for a long time and she helped me so much, and I still can’t thank her enough for all that. My day consisted of some lab work. We got to work in the computer labs, especially for our Microsoft classes, Excel classes were very good.

I can’t say we did a lot of just book work, we did a lot of lecturing, we talked, there was a lot of classroom discussion. I learned a lot with communications, how to be a better communicator. I think that’s really helping me now with what I’m doing with work because that’s all I do, I communicate with patients every time they come in. It really helped me, I think, be a little more empathetic and not just how to speak to somebody one-on-one, better eye contact, and body language. We had a lot of fun at Ohio Business College. It wasn’t just strictly a class, just come in, do your work, go home.

We had a lot of fun just discussing what was being taught that day and just everybody came together as a group. It wasn’t just everybody had their little area or sat in their desk and that was it. Everybody just opened up and we had a good time. I think my advice for any students going to college would be don’t be afraid to ask for help. These instructors are here to help you and they will. They’ll do anything to help you. They’ve become almost like your friends, so they make it easy to go to them and ask for help. Anytime you need it, they’re there.