Alumni Spotlight: Link Conger

If you have a knack for computer networking or an interest in cyber security, Ohio Business College’s Information Systems/Network Security Support program can help you make a career of it.

Link chose Ohio Business College for it’s proximity and opportunities after completion of the program. “One word I would describe OBC would be passionate. Everyday I came in they really wanted to help me, there was never a time where someone did not want to help or guide me in the path I needed to be”, hear more from our graduate Link Conger!

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Link Conger: My name is Link Conger and I graduated in the IT program at Ohio Business College.

Currently, I work at American Timber and Steel as an IT support specialist. Normally, I do 3D printing, networking and end user support. Before I started at Ohio Business College, I thought I knew a lot about PCs. What I found out was that there was a lot more to learn. With their help, it actually put me in the position that I am now. I chose Ohio Business College because it was local and also, when I came in, they were very friendly and told me exactly what I was going to get out of the program.

My day at Ohio Business College looked like you would have a quiz or some sort of learning in the morning. Then we would have lecture and then, after that, normally we would have lab for IT. In the other classes, it was more or less just a lecture. Then we would discuss, which really helped me discussion-wise because you get to talking to people. We participate in an externship, where we go out to a local business. We work for them and try to figure out what we want to do when we graduate. My biggest takeaway from the externship was learning end user support wasn’t really for me and that the networking side, which we did in class, was really what I was into.

Ohio Business College really got me ready for working with people outside of class. They teach you hands-on approaches as well as troubleshooting in the class. One word I would use to describe Ohio Business College would be passionate. Every day I came in, they pretty much acted like they really, really wanted to help me. There was never a time when I came in and somebody wasn’t there to help or guide me in the path that I needed. My advice for future or current students would be make sure you’re studying hard because a lot of the stuff that I learned, I actually use in the real world.