Alumni Spotlight: Daronte Malone – Medical Assisting

Interested in a Medical Assistant career? Hear from MA graduate Daronte Malone on the Ohio Business College difference when working in the field! Our Medical Assisting program provides students with the skills necessary to perform both front- and back-office functions in a medical setting.

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Daronte Malone: My name is Daronte Malone. I took Medical Assisting at the Ohio Business College.

I chose Ohio Business College because I have had a few friends come here, and they told me how great their Medical Assistant program was. With my schedule, I wasn’t sure about it. After I talked to one of the recruiters, they told me a lot of good things, and about their night program, too.

For my externship, I was located at the Avon Mediclinic in Elyria, Ohio. I was actually doing urgent care work. It was all traumas that could happen, and that could be easily solved over on Urgent Care. I did patient’s stitching; patient education. I helped set up x-rays, EKGs and blood draws.

With the training provided at Ohio Business College, I was able to use the electronic health records that actually a lot of people weren’t too familiar with, that they thought I wouldn’t know over there.

We had a huge Wi-Fi outage over there. We actually didn’t use our laptops or anything here for our paper charting. When we resorted to paper charting, I was a little bit ahead of everybody.

The advice I would always give to the incoming and existing students at Ohio Business College would be, “Don’t give up when times get hard, you’ll always be able to make it through.”