Alumni Spotlight: Hope English

Businesses are an important part of the American and global economies. Companies need people who have business skills and professional demeanor to run their operations and solve problems. Business skills are also transferrable to a number of different jobs, regardless of level and job description. Both of these factors contribute to business and business administration being extremely popular fields of study at colleges across the country. Visit us here for more details.

Interested in a business degree? Hear from our business graduate Hope English on her experience at Ohio Business College.

Speaker: [music] The reason why I chose Ohio Business College because they made me feel like I was with a family. Ohio Business College, everyone is very nice, they just treat you like your family and everyone knows everyone’s name. Rhonda Higgins was my biggest influence. Rhonda was able to guide me in directions that I thought that I knew I was going. She really came in and sat me down and talked to me about the next steps into going out looking for a job.

I actually had to do projects and we had to do projects in front of the class, the shyness had to come off and I had to prepare myself to speak in front of the class. The challenging moment on my job was preparing myself to work into the office because I was so used to working in a factory. I had to prepare myself to change my mind from factory to office so that was a challenge for me.

I worked in a factory over 20 years and I had to reinvent myself because the factory industry is really living here. I had to find another area that I felt that I could achieve something, I had to prepare my mind to know that, “Okay, Hope you are not in the factory anymore, you are getting ready to work in an office setting and you have to realize that in order for you to grow you have to change your mindset.”

The reason why I chose business is because my son has his own graphic design business and I would really love to be able to help him manage everything and to help him see that this is the right way to go. I would love to tell people, if your plant or your job falls down, you can do a change because for me I know that this was the best decision that I made by coming to Ohio Business College and finishing up my degree. Soon as you finish up your degree, you’re prepared to go out there to the next step in your life and I am a living witness to that.