4 Leadership Skills Employers Want You to Have

  Posted on July 15, 2016

  Written by Morgan O'Rourke

Leaderships skills new graduates need

Whether you’re a recent Ohio Business College graduate, a current OBC student, or you’re getting ready to enroll in classes at OBC, you’ve probably heard from several sources that the job market is competitive, making it hard to land a job. There is good news, however.

According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder of 2,175 hiring managers and human resource professionals across various industries and company sizes, the job market for recent college graduates is improving. In 2015,

  • 65% of employers planned to hire recent college graduates (which was up 8% from 2014).
  • 33% of employers planned to offer higher wages to recent college graduates than in 2014.

But these same hiring managers and human resource professionals have hesitations about filling their open positions with graduates, stating that they’re “concerned that new college grads may not be ready for the real world” due to a lack of critical leadership skills.

As an Ohio Business College student or graduate, you know that your hands-on, comprehensive career training program has or is preparing you for immense success in your field of expertise by readying you with critical, job-specific skills. These skills already set you apart from other job-seeking candidates.

So, how can you complete your preparedness for the workforce and show employers that you possess critical leadership skills? Discover the top four leadership skills every employer wants you to have:

The ability to effectively, confidently, and respectfully communicate with other people – including patients, clients, co-workers, or managers – is paramount. CheatSheet.com notes that new graduates who are looking for their first job (or a promotion down the line) “shouldn’t underestimate how far strong people skills can take them.”

Boost your interpersonal and oral communication skills by:

  • Making eye contact with the people you’re speaking with
  • Speaking in complete sentences
  • Remaining open and completely listening to another person’s perspective
  • Communicating (in-person and on the phone) with a professional tone
  1. Teamwork.

Employers want employees that are excellent team players; they are drawn to job candidates that work well with others, radiate a positive attitude, and have the ability to motivate and inspire a team.

Strengthen your teamwork skills by:

  • Letting those you’re working with know that you value their time, efforts, and opinions
  • Acknowledging team members when they’ve done a good job
  • Remaining positive when times are hard and frustrating
  • Encouraging others to be their best and complete their best work
  1. Problem-solving.

Problems present themselves every day. In today’s fast-paced work environments, it’s important you know how to think on your feet, critically think about a problem, and be ready to make an accurate decision or present a viable solution.

Enhance your problem-solving skills by:

  • Remaining calm and focused when an issue arises
  • Simplifying the problem rather than making it more complicated
  • Maintaining an open mind to jump-start creative thinking
  • Changing your perspective of an issue to allow for more solutions
  1. Integrity.

Integrity is a highly-valued trait to every employer. When you are honest with yourself, co-workers, managers, and patients, real success and progress is made in the workplace.

Reaffirm your integrity by:

  • Surrounding yourself with people who have the same values as you
  • Bolstering self-awareness and remaining cognizant of low-integrity situations that arise
  • Discussing your values and goals on a daily basis
  • Committing to always speaking the truth

Your personal and professional success is our top-priority, and that means helping you become a world-class leader.

What leadership skills do you need to strengthen?

Your instructors and advisors want to help you achieve your potential. Let them know your goals and how they can help you grow into a stronger leader.