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IT Enhancement Workshops

Ohio Business College’s IT Enhancement Workshops advance your knowledge of emerging technologies, computer hardware, software, and programs to become more efficient in your professional career and business.

iCritical Thinking™ Workshop:

In today’s electronic driven workforce, it is essential to possess the ability to think critically within technology. This workshop will provide students with real-time, simulated, scenario-based examples in preparation for the iCritical Thinking™ Certification. Includes iCritical Thinking™ certification exam that is offered at Ohio Business College.
6 Hours (8am-2pm) Cost: $249.00

IC3® Certification Workshop:

The Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3®) provides you with the foundational knowledge in order to succeed in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet. This workshop will help in developing a better understanding of computer hardware, software applications, and internet concepts. Includes IC3® certification exam that is offered at Ohio Business College.
4 Hours (8am-noon) Cost: $199.00

Microsoft® Certification Workshops:

Achieving Certiport’s Microsoft® Office Specialist certification validates your desktop computer skills. This certification is a globally recognized stardards-based credential. This workshop prepares students for the Microsoft® Office Specialist Certification, including review in Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access.
After completion of this workshop you are well prepared to take the Microsoft Office Specialist Exams offered at Ohio Business College.
Prerequisite: Windows XP or experience with windows environment.
4 Hours each (8am-noon) Cost: $169.00/Each

Adobe® Certified Associate Workshop:

For those seeking employment that requires demonstrating the ability to use digital media Adobe Certified Associate is for you. This workshop provides preparation for the Adobe Certified Associate certification exam, which includes web communication through Adobe® Dreamweaver®, rich media communication through Adobe® Flash®, and visual communication through Adobe® Photoshop®. Includes Adobe® Certified Associate exam.
Prerequisite: Experience with Dreamweaver, Flash, and Photoshop is necessary.

What can OBC do for you?

We respect your privacy.