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Effective Communication Skills

Communicating effectively is essential to a person’s success whether personally or in their chosen career. In this workshop students will discover how they can enhance their communication skills and better understand human nature. Focus will be on verbal, written, non-verbal communication, listening, conflict management, and self disclosure. 6 Hours (8am-2pm) Cost: $199.00

Effective Leadership Skills

Motivating a group of people towards a common goal takes effective leadership. This workshop will provide guidance and understanding in ones development of their leadership skills that will boost morale, job satisfaction, and employee retention, which in turn leads to greater productivity and more positive results. You will discover how to empower others and understand the meaning of a “servicing manager”. 6 Hours (8am-2pm) Cost: $199.00

Customer Service Workshop

Stellar customer service is crucial for the success of any business. Understanding what a customer is and how to keep them a repeat customer is vital. This workshop will focus on best practices in customer service, which begins before the first contact with the customer and keeps them coming back. 6 Hours (8am-2pm) Cost: $199.00

DISC Assessment Workshop

Understanding personalities and behavioral styles in the workplace is essential for successful teamwork. This workshop will offer you the opportunity to discover your profile as well as how to relate to other’s profiles. Includes DISC assessment. 4 Hours (9am-1pm) Cost: $159.00

Developing Your People Skills

Includes Effective Communication Skills, Effective Leadership Skills, Stellar Customer Service, and DISC Assessment. 12 Hours (2 Saturdays 8am-2pm) Cost: $399.00

Preparing for the Legal Assisting Certification

Certification in legal assistant/ paralegal signifies an individual is capable of providing superior legal assistant service. This workshop provides review and preparation for the Legal Assistant certification exam. 6 Hours (8am-2pm) Cost: $199.00

Career Pathways

The Business Career Enhancement Workshops are designed for those who want to take their business skills to the next level. These workshops provide students with ways in which they can further develop their professionalism and enrich their career.

What can OBC do for you?

We respect your privacy.