OBC Student Spotlight: DJ Owsley

DJ Owsley, a current student of OBC’s associate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting, is preparing to set his career in motion. Discover a program that can jumpstart your career by reading about DJ Owsley’s experience at OBC. 1.Why did you decide to continue your education at Ohio Business College? When I was a sophomore in high school, I was … Continued

OBC Alumni Spotlight: Rhonda Brown

A better job and a better way of life is more attainable than you think. After being laid off for the second time, Rhonda Brown made a brave and positive decision for her life and her family. She decided she needed a change in careers, and to do that, she needed to advance her skill … Continued

5 Critical Skills to Master Before You Graduate

What does it take to become a successful professional? What skills, behaviors, and mindsets does one need to acquire for a thriving, rewarding career to take flight? When you graduate, there are certain employability skills that employers look for in all job candidates. Regardless of when you’re expected to graduate – whether this spring or … Continued

OBC Alumni Spotlight: Diana Jones

What are your personal and professional goals? What’s standing in your way of achieving your potential? Whatever your dreams are, they can become a reality when you believe in yourself and pursue every day with hard work and dedication. Despite setbacks and challenges, Diana Jones, a graduate of OBC’s associate degree in Business Administration with … Continued

OBC Alumni Spotlight: Joseph Chaplin

Stepping out into the workforce as a business professional is exciting and incredibly rewarding. To start on the best foot possible and begin your career as an in-demand individual with essential business and professional skills and knowledge, a top-rated degree can help you start your dream career. Joseph Chaplin, a graduate of OBC’s associate degree … Continued

OBC Alumni Spotlight: Bart Hamrick

The medical assisting profession continues to grow in high-demand and is one of the best avenues for jumpstarting a career in the medical field. At Ohio Business College, we work to distinguish our medical assisting diploma students from other job-seeking candidates by delivering a top-rated, hands-on healthcare education. Learn about OBC’s medical assisting program first-hand. … Continued

Trade School vs. Community College

You’ve decided to take your next steps in life and advance your education. What an exciting time for you! Whether you’re fresh out of high school, eager to start your dream career, or looking to switch career paths, you have an abundance of colleges and universities at your fingertips, and it’s important to understand the … Continued