4 Signs It’s Time to Move on From Your Job

There’s no denying that today’s job market is demanding. Employers are looking for an advanced range of skills from their employees to help companies stay competitive and thrive. Professionals are finding their way back to school to gain new qualifications and the specific expertise they need to add momentum to their careers. But how do … Continued

OBC Alumni Spotlight: Wendy Benson

Pursuing higher education is paramount to achieving your career and life goals. At Ohio Business College, helping you realize your potential and enter a career field you’re passionate about is our mission. Wendy Benson, a graduate of OBC’s Medical Administrative Assistant Associate Degree program, decided to return to school to set her future up for … Continued

4 Habits of Effective Job Seekers

Attention all current and future job seekers: You have more control over the trajectory of your career than you might think. That’s right! Even in a down market, you can create desired outcomes and secure the jobs and positions you want. How? Assume the habits of highly successful job hunters by employing these four effective … Continued

The Benefits of Getting a Real Estate Pre-License

Do you dream of becoming your own boss and working flexible hours in a career that holds incredible earning potential? This scenario doesn’t just have to be a dream. A career in real estate delivers a wealth of benefits and can be a very lucrative career. To reap the benefits, though, hard work, a tenacious … Continued

Benefits of an Experiential, Hands-On Education

Make Your Education Help You Get Ahead in Your Career Now Hands-on learning is a hot topic in today’s education realm – and for good reason. From elementary school to college and beyond, it has been shown time and time again through studies, test scores, and student satisfaction surveys that most students – regardless of … Continued

Is a Career in Accounting Right for Me?

Are you interested in starting a career in accounting but unsure if it’s the right professional path for you?  Because of the job outlook in the field of accounting, an accounting-focused degree offers a myriad of opportunities in today’s business world. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for accountants and auditors is expected to increase 10 percent or more through … Continued

How an Externship Helped These Students Stand Out

The workforce is crowded and competitive. So, how can college students stand out to employers before they even graduate?   Learn how externship programs are helping students lay solid foundations in their careers and gain essential work experience before they even graduate.     What is an externship?  An externship is an opportunity for a student to experience his or her career field first-hand by working … Continued