What to Expect After You Graduate from OBC

  Posted on February 2, 2017

  Written by Morgan O'Rourke

Career placement after collegeLife after graduation can be an overwhelming and scary time for some graduates. Many wonder: “Is my resume good enough?” “Are my interview skills sharp?” “When will I land a job?” “Where will I land a job?”

At Ohio Business College, we make it our mission to help every student prepare for his or her future career and feel confident and ready to enter the competitive job market upon graduation.

How do we do this?

Free Student Services

Career preparation starts the first day of class at Ohio Business College. With a wide range of services offered, every student is empowered to enhance his or her educational experience and grow in professional aptitude.

OBC offers the following student services:

  • Tutoring
  • Individual career counseling sessions
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Mock interviews
  • Salary negotiation training
  • Career fairs
  • Job search techniques on the internet and in the hidden job market
  • Hands-on curriculum


One of the most exciting and beneficial aspects of our career training programs are the externships. During the final quarters of each program, students get the opportunity to experience their career field and desired position first-hand by working with local businesses and hospitals in a direct, real-world setting.

  • Work directly with established professionals in a specific field
  • Learn day-to-day office cadences
  • Assist with duties and procedures
  • Ask questions and receive real-time feedback
  • Grow a professional network by connecting with colleagues and managers

Career Placement Assistance

We are committed to helping every student find his or her place in the business world. We proudly extend our comprehensive career planning and placement services to each graduate long after graduation.

Ohio Business College’s Career Services Center maintains strong relationships with local employers that provide consistent externship and job opportunities for OBC students and alumni. Our dedicated staff networks with area companies on behalf of students and alumni to meet employers’ varying needs. Many positions are filled by OBC graduates before an opening is even advertised.

No matter how long a student has been away from OBC, all graduates have full access to our employment assistance, including:

  • Free refresher courses in classes previously completed by a graduate
  • Job placement skills training focused on high-impact job search techniques
  • Penetrating the hidden job market
  • Conducting a winning interview
  • Career fair information
  • Resume and cover letter critiquing
  • Individual career counseling

Everything we do at Ohio Business College is focused on your real-world success.

Take the first step, we’ll support you the rest of the way.

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